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About me

I love creating cool things.

Amber Hayes

Software Developer & Web Designer

I'm a Nerd. I love developing websites and mobile apps. I also enjoy capturing life through the camera lens. I believe with hard work and positive thinking, amazing things can happen.

I build websites and mobile apps. I design logos and flyers. I custom frame artwork and photography. I create digital video montages and other marketing products. I enjoy turning ideas into reality using my digital prowess. I believe in delivering a quality product at a reasonable price.


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I fell in love with Ruby - but she's not the only programming language I 'speak'.
Learning is an Adventure. I love Adventure.



Programming language with an elegant syntax.


Ruby on Rails

MVC Web Application Framework written in Ruby



iOS apps with the beauty that is Ruby.


MEAN Stack

Mongo, Express, Angular, & Node! Oh, my!


MySQL / MongoDB / PostgreSQL

Data needs to be stored somewhere...



The most important skill a software developer should invest in.


These are a few of my favorite things.


Website Design


Website Design

Ocular Candy


"I Am Available for Freelance Work"


The only source of knowledge is experience. - Albert Einstein

  • Work Experience

    I've been developing software applications in Ruby for over two years. Lately I've been creating some sweet software using the M.E.A.N Stack and my javascript skills. I'm known for producing applications that are easy to use, test, maintain, scale and troubleshoot. I'm passionate about details and meet deadlines with ease. I love to learn and adapt quickly to change.

  • Mar 2005

    Ocular Candy Productions

    Software Development, Photography

    Livin' the American Dream - developing software solutions and capturing life through the camera lens.
    Recent Projects include:

    Websites, mobile apps and online stores are only the tip of the iceberg - I can develop anything. I enjoy helping others get their information and products online and available to the rest of the world.

  • June 2015

    Clevyr, Inc.

    M.E.A.N Stack Developer, QA Engineer

    Utilizing the MEAN Stack for web development, I'm part of a javascript team that develops some pretty amazing stuff. I'm the 'exterminator' - my job is ensuring we don't ship buggy software to our clients.
    Quality software - it's what our clients expect, and deserve.
    We're currently working on a special application that is sure to be the next best thing in project management. Code Name: 'Project Honey'

  • July 2012
    May 2015

    Adfitech, Inc

    Workflow Developer

    Integral part of the CLAWS Workflow Team - using Ruby, Gtk, and PSQL to create customizable applications that help increase efficiency and accuracy for underwriters performing quality control on loans and mortgages.

  • Education

    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. - Nelson Mandela

  • Aug 2009
    May 2012

    Oklahoma City Community College

    A.A.S. Computer Science

    Certificate of Mastery in Computer Network Support
    Certficate of Mastery in Computer Systems Support
    CompTIA Network+ Certification
    Phi Theta kappa International Honor Society

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